Kangana used to change her dress behind stones during the shooting of 'Rangoon'

Life of Bollywood stars seem very comfortable and glamorous, but sometimes during the shooting, they have to face such situation, which is very uncomfortable. Kangana Ranaut has to also face such thing during the shooting of 'Rangoon'. Rangoon is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj and shooting of the film is done in new areas of Arunachal Pradesh, where it is not easy to get basic facilities. Kangana Ranaut shared her Rangoon shooting experience on the talk show of 'No Filter Neha' of Neha Dhupia. Kangana told that Shooting of 'Rangoon' was done in some parts of Arunachal Pradesh, where there was not village, no rest room or hotel. So because of that, she had to go behind the big stones to change her dress. Her whole team used to cover her. However, it was a difficult process. Kangana never showed Tantrums for Inconveniences or made any problems for the director. Kangana also told that for Pee break also she had to go behind the stones. Not only her, but actor Shahid Kapoor had to also go there for the pee, they were not having any options. Kangana says that common people think that we are stars so we don't come out of our comfort zone, but it is not like that. Before this, during the shooting of Queen, she used to go inside shops to change her cloths and has completed the shooting. Kangana these days is shooting for Hansal Mehta's 'Simran'. You may also know:  Saif playing handicap in Rangoon Box office collection 2016