Kangana told Salman Khan's statement as 'Horrible'

People are critisising Salman Khan's statement. Some Bollywood celebs are supporting him and some are against him. Pooja Bedi defend him, but actress Kangana Ranaut said it as horrible statement. During the Premiere of film Kriti, Kangana was there as special guest, when she was asked about Salman Khan's statement, then she said, 'We all agree that it’s a horrible thing to say. Something that is extremely insensitive. But let’s not encourage that mentality where we want to point fingers at each other and want to feel greater by running people down by trolling them. Kangana Ranaut said, 'For this we all should apologize.' Sonali Bendre said via tweet, 'Retraction or no retraction saying it itself is not cool! Stop treating rape lightly'. What is the issue ? During the interview, Salman was asked how he went fighting with wrestlers in the arena, on this Salman said, ‘it was difficult for me to fight in the ring, one day we had to shoot for regular 6 hours, this was not easy for me, because I had to dumb a wrestler of 120 kgs in 10 different angles. I was also dumb many times on the ground, During this real fight also got started with a smile. When I came out of the ring, I thought that I’m such women, who is raped. I was not able to walk straight, then I ate something and went for training.’