Kangana Ranaut: I did not go after hit heros

It seems that success has done friendship with Kangana. Her previous movies "Queen", "Tanu Weds Manu Returns" were a hit. She is now in news for her upcoming movie "Katti Batti". She talked about her success, prize money and marriage here: Is it true that after being successful you have increased your prize money? Increasing prize is the status of any actor. After being in such a position, if I does not increase my prize money than I should rather do social service. I an not at all confused that I have increased my prize money. For Katti Batti we did workshop for the one whole month. After that we did rehearsal. She said that she should get what she deserves out of her work. People are saying that success has made u mad? In my success some people have gone down. They are just with it. They do not have any other work rather than commenting on me. I did not pay much attention to this. I want my fans to also not focus on such things. In Queen there was topic of love, in Tanu Weds Manu Returns it was marriage and now in Katti Batti it is live in relationship, how do you take it all? This film is not exactly based on live in relationship. It is the story of two people who loved each other and are separated. Talking about live in relationship, it is how you take it. I have never been in such a situation while this has been somewhat true for my co star Imran Khan. Live in has been a bad experience for many of my friends. How do you feel like working with a her you has been a flop in the past? I am not at all calculative. When I was struggling many people had refused to work with me. I at that time had decided that I will never judge anyone after reaching on such a stage. I will never go after a hit hero. I did not think like that. How was your experience working with Imran? Imran is really nice and straight forward. He is very patient and focuses on his work. Now he has become a father so he is concerned for that also. It was good working with him. How was the experience of working in stop motion technology? In all these scenes the cameras were on upon us. It was stop motion technology used in this. We had to wait for hours to bring all the pictures together. We are given small cushions for support. It was a bit awkward to kiss each other. At that point I was thinking how would we do this for three long days. But after sometime we were well settled and enjoyed the experience. How was your experience of kiss in the real life? There has been lot of good memories related to the kiss in people's life, but there are bad in my case. When I remember about it now, I think it should not have happened. It was very traumatic for me.