Kalki Koechlin teased outside the national award venue

Kalki Koechlin got national award for Maragarita with a straw in the national award event held at Science house in Delhi. She got award by special jury for her marvelous performance in the film and this was the proud moment of her life. However the proud day become unfortunate day for her soon. According to a report Kalki got teased by someone out side the venue. Actually after the ceremony got over Kalki moved to her car but the security guard who was with her left her and went to Amitabh Bachchan and Kangana Ranaut. With this she got to know that she is in the midst of mob and there were no security guard for her. So the mob teased her. Somehow she moved out from the mob and went in. Earlier she decide to complaint but after a while she didn't do this and she complaint this to organizer.