India is a difficult country : Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has set her different identity in Hollywood. So that's why she is seeing problems in India. She says that India is a very difficult country and here it will take time to change the mentality. Recently in an program, Priyanka said, 'India is stuffed with difficulties. It is like a whole world, where every states have different Specialty, different tradition, different language and different religion. So like this, mentality towards women will not change tomorrow.' Priyanka is a good will ambassador of UNICEF. On Tuesday, she stared 'Fair Start' Campaign. She said, 'Due to inequality, we have forgotten humanity, offers are to be given by government, government is giving also, but government could not get changes in people's mentality. Change will come from us only.' When Priyanka Chopra was asked that, after so much years of freedom, still women are struggling, then she said, 'See, what I remember is, This is not only our countries fault. Women of whole world are given equal space. It will take time to change. This change will come, when all Women gets unite and ask about their right.' Today every mother should tell his son that how he should behave with women. How we should respect them. Here Priyanka appealed that give opportunities to women, as they can also show their capabilities.