Iffran Khan says sacrifice doesn't means to kill anybody

Irrfan Khan is in his hometown to promote his film 'Madaari'. Irrfan Khan has given controversial statement over Eid al-Adha. Irrfan said, 'Sacrifice means to sacrifice you favourite thing, not this that you went to market, got a goat and sacrifice it. When you had nothing to do with those goats, then what is the sacrifice in that? With pray will be fulfilled. How will god bless anyone, one he is killing a mammal.' Irrfan also said, we should again read all the festivals we celebrate, I am lucky that I'm staying in a country, where every religion is respected.' Irrfan also targeted ministers, 'Like a Madaari, he promises that he will show the fight between a snake and Mongoose, but it is never sen, such promises are made by Ministers, but do not fulfill it.' Story of Madaari revolves around the character of Irrfan Khan, who kidnaps Home Minister's son to take revenge of his son's death. Jimmy Shergill is also in the film. Madaari is releasing on 15th July.