I am Mumbaikar from Heart : Oscar winner Rahul

This time there is a energy of Oscar awards in Indians. Rahul Thakkar is a visual effect programmer has been given Technical Achievement Award for Incredible Design. This awards will be given on 13 February by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. Thakkar got his Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University. He is now 20 years of experience in product design and research. He would hardly be the first person of Indian origin to lift the prizes statuette. Many other Indians have won this award like AR Rahman, Gulzar, Satyajit Ray. Thakkar says my mom is my inspiration, she only discover my interest of science in me. When asked about the favourite action then according to Thakkar, he has connection with many actors, but his favourite is Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah. Born in Abroad, but Thakkar miss his childhood in India. He said, I was born in England and brought up in Mumbai. I am Mumbaikar from heart. I always talk to my friends. Want to came back to India. Let, see when do i get time.