Hrithik Roshan Broke his silence, registered Kangana's name in FIR

Issues between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan is not stopping. No one is ready to withdraw. During this issue of 'Fake Email Id' has taken a new turn that Hrithik registered Kangana's name in FIR. Hrithik for the first time broke his silence and took Kangana's name. Hrithik alleges that someone was using his Fake Email ID and was talking to Kangana. Hrithik registered a FIR on Friday. After that Police send a summon to Kangana and have asked her to register her statement by 7 days. Hrithik on 12 December complaint in Cyber Crime Cell that someone is using Email Id This person is talking to his fans. Complaint application was send to police officer. Let me tell you, summon has been dont to Kangana's sister Rangoli, because she has information about his issue. Source connected to Cyber police told that, 'case is registered against IT Act Section 66 (C,D) and 419. Thousands of mail has been exchanged between Kangana and told email Id. Rangoli is witness of this case. We have included Hrithik's Statement in FIR. Hrithik says that this is not his email ID and someone else is using this.' Kangana says that Hrithik used to only talk with the email ID. Now lets this will cyber crime able to solve this case, because since 2014, nothing has come out.