Hrithik did action scenes in Mohenjo Daro without using Body Double

If we talking talking about action scenes in Bollywood, then Hrithik Roshan's name come in top of the list. The way Hrithik has shown his action in the films, very less can do that. He has done it again in the film 'Mohenjo Daro'. Recently, in Mohenjo Daro action promo, his action was worth seeing. Two giants who are almost 7 ft tall and then solo fight with crocodile. There is a amazing action scene with the actor Arunoday Singh, who is giving his equal fight. If to believe the crew, then Hrithik Roshan understood the action scenes well with Foreign Stunt Director Glenn Boswell and Bollywood stunt director Amar Shetty. Hrithik rehearsed many times with the whole stunt team. Hrithik also refused to take body double to make the scenes more effective. They say that Hrithik can do all the scenes comfortably and where difficulties are there, then he put his own force to do it. Team also told that although the background of the film is Historical, so most of the scenes are Man To man not VFX. So that's why Hrithik had to do lots of hard work. Hot climate in Bhuj and bad conditions in Jabalpur made the shooting tiring.