Honey Singh looks completely changed

India's most popular rapper Honey Singh has shared his new photo on facebook. In this Honey's look is seen very changed, Let me tell you, Honey was suffering from Bipolar disorder and depression, now he has got rid of it. But the effect can be seen clearly, that's why to know for his cool look, Honey is not like before. Let me tell you, there was a news that Honey is getting recovered in Rehab center, which Honey Singh denied. Honey said, 'Truth is I'm suffering from Bipolar Disorder, this went on for 18 months, during this, I changed 4 doctors. Medicines were not working on me. Weird things were happening with me.' Honey during this was addicted to Alcohol, he was treated for this also. It seemed like he is going towards destruction. Bipolar Disorder is such a disease, in which people go into depression or is trapped with a mental disorder. BY this patient remains mentally disturbed. In bipolar Disorder, patient mood keeps changing. Sometime he is happy and sometime he is very sad, sometimes he goes into depression. This Bipolar disorder is of different shape and order, so by this, it was very hard for doctors to diagnose Honey's disease. Many times Doctor could not catch the right symptoms of the disease. So that's why he changed 4 doctors. In his case, Medicine doesn't use to suit him, so he used to get frustrated. let me tell you, a team of doctors diagnosed his disease and slowly he was recovered. You may also know : Upcoming movies List Box office collection 2016