Hit and Run: The witnesses were being tutored

In regard to he hit and Run case against actor Salman Khan, his lawyer had filed a petition against the opposite side. It has appealed that the witnesses were being tutored. Salman khan has been proved culprit by the lower court in the hit and Run case. Presenting the appeal in front of A R Joshi, the lawyer of Salman Amit Desai has said that three of the four witnesses had said. That they had seen Salman getting off the drivers seat and had drove the car on the people sleeping on footpath. Salman Toyota Land Cruzar on 28 September 2002 had hot a shop in Bandra in which four were injured and one person was dead. Now the appeal has been registered in higher court in regard to the five year jail imprisonment. Also the answer of witnesses were compared that were given in lower court and that to the magistrate. The court had filed complaint against Salman for killing without motive and had moved in this regard. Desai said if he was stuck under the car as has been claimed so how could be step out of the car. He said that he was under the car and the witnesses are saying that they saw him coming out of the car. It is really tough to clear weather someone really saw him coming out of the car or not. Desai even said that the witness did not say weather Salman came out from the left side or right side, he just said he saw him coming out of the car. It was being tutored to the witnesses. One of the witnesses has said that he has seen Salman coming out from the driver's end. Although he was quite on this in the last hearing. Salman Khan Upcoming Movies