Historical films director Ashutosh Govariker used to fail in History during school days

A interesting thing is revealed about the director of Mohenjo Daro Ashutosh Govariker. Bollywood director who is famous for giving historical films, Ashutosh Govariker used to get fail in history subject during school days. However, he never passed in history in his school days, but old stories always excited and attracted him. Director of Mohenjo Daro, Govariker told during promotional event, 'I never remember dates. I never passed in History Subject, I had to link with geography. But I loved Untold Stories. Ashutosh said, 'What this (referring to Mohenjo Daro and Indus Valley civilisation) city or society would be like I don't know. It excites me to tell a story of that era.' From his first film 'Lagaan', this 52-year-old filmmaker has always preferred to show movies in the eras one only reads about in history books. After Jodha Akbar, this is his second film (Mohenjo Daro) with Hrithik Roshan. He said, what all would have happened there, how people must be there, how they used to live, I had interest in such things. I'm happy that I made this film and I think I did justice to the film.