High Court orders Ram Gopal Varma to screen Sarkar 3 for writer Nilesh Girkar

While the film already faced a couple of obstacles during the release of its trailer, Sarkar 3 is once again in the line of fire and now it is for copyright infringement. Scriptwriter Nilesh Girkar recently went on to claim that he had written the story of Sarkar 3, which is a continuation of the other two installments of the franchise and he has taken legal action against Ram Gopal Varma for not giving him credit for the same. Nilesh Girkar moved the Bombay High Court on the matter and also alleged that he hadn’t been paid the entire amount which was discussed during the scripting of Sarkar 3. Justice Gautam Patel, on Friday, ordered Ram Gopal Varma to hold a screening of the film in order to understand how much of Girkar’s script has been used in the film despite the resistance from Varma’s legal counsel Kunal Tiwari. The said special screening was asked to be held on March 20 for Girkar as well as his lawyers and the team of Girkar has been ordered to not carry phone or any other recording devices. A copy of the original script of Sarkar 3 has been asked to be submitted to the court and a copy to Girkar who can read it without making a copy. Besides this, Justice Patel also ordered Varma to deposit a sum of Rs. 6.20 lakhs as a payment settlement which is to be kept with the Prothonotary and Senior Master of the Bombay High Court until a judgment is made.