Happy Birthday Sunny Leone.! Who is Karenjit Kaur Vohra

Covering journey from Adult Industry to Bollywood, Sunny Leone has her Birthday today. On this occasion, we started remembering Karenjit Kaur Vohra, whose face is similar to Sunny Leone. Do you know who is Karenjit Vohra. Karenjit Kaur who is a Punjabi, Father was born in Tibet, but was in Delhi for some years. Karenjit was birn on 13 May, 1981 in Canada and followed her all religious observance. Karenjit used to go to Gurudwara on every Saturday and Sunday. Karenjit was also very caring, so she wanted to be a nurse. But something else was written in her destiny. During her studies, Karenjit family came to America from Canada and here while studying nurse, she decided to do something and a new birth was given to Pornstar Sunny Leone. So now you much have got to know, about what girl we are talking, she is no one else but Sunny Leone, whose name was changed as she entered in adult industry and people started knowing her as Sunny Leone. There is interesting story behind this name Sunny, while she was studying nurse, then one of her friend suggested her to try in modelling seeing her beauty, so he made her met a magazine photographer, from her only her life got changed. Well, Karenjit Vohra was quite weird for porn industry, so she had to change her name. In an interview, Karejit was asked, what name would she like to keep, on this she said, how about Sunny? That time she was of 19 years. Sunny did not even thought once before changing her name, you will be shocked knowing that Sunny is her brother nick name and Leone suggestion was given by that magazine only. So like this Karenjit become Sunny Leone. Without thinking of anyone she did her work and now she is happy with her husband Danial Weber.