Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Of ‘Jattu Engineer’ Donated 25 Lakhs To The Bone Bank

Recently, we saw movie ‘Jattu Engineer’ crossing all the boundaries of success. The movie carried a good message which everyone liked it. The story of the movie was about a village which was in a grip of drugs. The village had no technology and resources and doesn’t even have proper aids and is in an urgent need of transformation. However, the movie had a decent run at the Box Office and earned pretty good. For the success party, they shared cow milk, which was a pretty interesting way to celebrate a success party. Well, now the news is coming that the star of the movie Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh donated Rs 25 lakhs to a bone bank from the money he earned from the movie. It shows that not only he is a good artist but he is a good human too. The movie was written, directed, edited by him and not only that he also gave the music and was the cinematographer of the movie too. And just like his previous movie this movie was also a big success and was loved by his followers. He made his debut in 2015 with the movie ‘MSG: The Messenger’ followed by ‘MSG2: The Messenger’, ‘MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart’, ‘MSG Lion Heart 2’ and now ‘Jattu Engineer’.
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