Govinda told, why Salman Khan will not work with him in future

Govinda and Salman Khan became partners in 2007 released flick Partner but after this film, both relationships got the break that much that they never worked together. Now Govinda has revealed on his birthday which on 21st December, why will Salman Khan not work with him in future? There were lots of time the news of Partner sequel has come, but now if see Govinda's talks then you will get to know that if Partner 2 happened then surely Govinda will not be a part of it because Salman Khan doesn't want it. Govinda during the media discussions said after seeing his work in Partner people said that I have worked better than Salman Khan. That's why Salman Khan may allow me to work with him in Partner 2. This is to notice that Katrina Kaif played leading lady opposite Govinda in this film. Govinda's comeback film first look out Govinda said that he himself wanted that Partner 2 happen and he works in it, but currently, it is difficult. Govinda is believed to as versatile actor but there was a time in his career when he was doing only comedy movies so people give him the tag of a comedy actor. Govinda has a regret even now that big banners never approached him for good movies. Salman Khan and Govinda split reason out On this he said, some people took him separated from the industry. The people who work in groups are not allowed him to go outside the home. Govinda says that he is not that much literate and that's why some people get the benefit of it. However, Govinda says that Suniel Shetty also has helped him. You may also like :- Govinda Upcoming movies list Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club