Ghulam Ali's 'Ghar Wapsi' Music launch got cancelled

Ghulam Ali has once again has done country return after being aimed. His film 'Ghar Wapsi' music launch was disturbed due to Hindu Sena. Actually, this music launch was to happen in Royal Plaza Delhi and at last minutes this program was cancelled because of threatening. Hotel Manager says, We booked this program on 3rd March. We question him, which we do in every booking that who will be the guest. Any security issue? But they did not shared this with us. On Monday morning, threatening calls started coming regarding this program. So we cancelled the program due to guest security and Hotel security.' Let me tell you, this is not the first time, when Ghulam Ali's program is cancelled. Before this in Delhi and Mumbai this program has been cancelled due to Shiv sena threatening. Film director Suhaib Ilyasi said, 'This is a shameful thing that Ghulam Ali program was cancelled due to Hotel Manager. I wrote letter to Delhi Police and Home Ministry for the security and they assured us that nothing wrong will happen. I think Hotel Management decided before only that they will not let program happen.' Further he said, 'I think, people who are doing this, legal action should be taken against them, because they are insulting the country's name every where. Recently, there was a match between India and Pakistan, then where were those people who were opposing Ghulam Ali. Saying anything to a legend Ghulam Ali is very easy for them. Amar Singh was guest of this program. Amar Singh condemned the program when it was cancelled. Let me tell you that, Ghulam Ali for the first time will be seen doing acting in 'Ghar Wapsi'.