Fox Star is in Support of Karan Johar over 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' controversy

Karan Johar directed film 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' is in news from long. This issue is created because of Pakistan actor Fawad Khan. CEO of Production company of this film 'Fox Star Studios' Vijay Singh says that filmmaker Karan Johar is a patriotic Indian, on which you cannot question of his Nationalism. Singh said in his statement, 'Like us only Karan Johar is Proud, passionate and patriotic Indian.' You cannot raise questions over his Nationalism. Fox Star Studios is with him in this bad time.' He said that his team expects that 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' will release during Diwali on 28th October. Vijay Singh met Mumbai Police to provide security in those cinema halls where the film will be released. He said, 'We are assured that police will provide securities to Multiplex and even single screens. But was it really required?' Singh statement came after Karan Johar broke his silence over this issue. Karan after long said on Monday that Country is first and in future, he will not be working with Pakistan Actors in the film. Karan shared a video message and said, 'Last year in September and December, when I shot the film, then the situation was completely changed. That time our government tried to make peace relations with Pakistan. I appreciate them a lot and even respects today's emotions.' According to Karan, 'During this circumstances, In future I will not work with any Neighbour actor, But I want to say this that this film was made by 300 people, who have worked very hard and have given Blood, tears for this film. I don't think that they should be troubled.' Karan after this statement of Vijay, he said to him ,'We clearly condemn the attack on India and support the government who is trying to get peace and security.' You may also know : Karan Johar's Video message Box office collection 2016