First time Kajol reacts on controversy of friendship with Karan Johar

The deep friendship of at least more than two decades had been ended between filmmaker Karan Johar and actress Kajol. There was a time when Karan used to feel Kajol as his lucky charm and always maintained to keep a cameo of her in his every film. But now the things have been changed and they don't like to look each other. Karan Johar announced his friendship with Kajol over on his autobiography An Unsuitable Boy. Now Kajol in a conversation talked about her broken friendship with Karan Johar. In a conversation, Kajol has said talking about her broken friendship that according to her relationship is very hard to maintain, there is no relate to Bollywood. Kajol denied talking about it more. During the release of Karan Johar's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Ajay Devgn's Shivaay the blame game got in a very high position which resulted in a distance between Karan and Kajol. The broken friendship of Kajol and Karan made lots of buzzes. Later Karan Johar talked in his biography there were lots of things said about me, they even blamed me that I gave bribe to someone for destroying her (Kajol) husband's film. He further stated I can even say that I was hurt, Just wanted to leave it blank. When she reacted to the whole incident in a tweet, after this I got to know that everything has been ended for me. I can't give clarification on it because she killed my emotions of 25 years. I don't think she deserves me and, I also don't feel anything about her.