FIR fame Kavita Kaushik will play Bhabi in new show Dr. Bhanumati on duty

Kavita Kaushik who being popular after playing tough cop in FIR is ready to making another comback on screen. She will be soon seeing playing Bhabi in new show Dr. Bhanumati on duty of Sab TV.  This show will replace Ali Asgar show Wo Teri Bhabi hai pagle. Kavita is playing army Dr. Bhanumati Bhinn alias Bhabhi. Bhanumati According to the sources she is playing a daughter of a king of Rajasthan, who solves cases in a funny way after joining army. Kavita is making a comeback with this show after a long break. Earlier she has done show FIR as Chandramukhi Chautala which being popular and runs for 9 years, the show become recognition for Kavita Kaushik. However Kavita her self has confirmed the news and posted a picture on twitter and wrote let's play doctor doctor. She during an interview said, you will see me in a different character but yes I am playing uniform character again. There will bu no batch on our outfit but it will on as same as real place.