Our film will not be affected with Udta Punjab : Junooniyat Director Vivek

Upcoming film 'Junooniyat' director Vivek Agnihotri has said that Udta Punjab will not affect my film. It's confirmed that Udta Punjab will release in 17th June, but makers of Junooniyat decided before to release their film on 17th June, which earlier was on 24th June. Now, Will Junooniyat will get affected by Udta Punjab ? When Director Vikek Agnihotri was asked, then he said, 'Out film will not be affected because of Udta Punjab, we have nothing to do with them, when such big decision is taken to release the film, then there is something in it, our film was ready, music was getting good response, so anybody will think of profit, so that's why T-series has taken this decision, although will be affect that film, not ours will be affected.' Vivek further said, 'Now high court has become censor Board, they said that they will release Udta Punjab with 1 cut.' Now lets see, which film (Udta Punjab or Junooniyat) will be more power on 17th June.