Film will be made on Victoria and Abdul's relations

Now a film is going to be made on one secret in the life of Queen Victoria. After year's hardwork, one writer wrote a book, now film is going to be made on it. Famous actress Judi Dench will play queen's role in this film. Stephen Frears is directing this film and screenplay will be written bu Lee Hall. What is the story There were lots of news about Victoria and Abdul and writer Sharbani Basu name also came in discussion. Story is based on Victoria and Adbul relations. Book has Letters written to Abdul by the Queen and based on Other documents, this book was loved a lot. In 1887, Abdul Karim age of just 24, when he was presented infront of the Queen. He was send to Queen as a gift from India. He started teaching Queen, Urdu and Hindi, time started passing by and they both came close. Sharbani told in 2011, some times in the letter, Queen used to make a kiss image and send it to Abdul. Well, the question is too puzzled, what was there between them. In many letter, Victoria has written 'Your mother' or 'Your Friends' at the end. Saying it a love affair is not correct. According to BBC, John Brown was very important to Victoria, but Abdul was more close to her. People used to hate Adbul, but they don't to do anything, because of Queen's fear, then after Victoria's death, Edward became the king and removed Karim from the job. HE destroyed most of the documents between the Queen and Karim.