Film Fredrick really has something new and different

Filmmakers have given something different in the film 'Fredrick'. Prashant Narayanan has played a brutal villain. Well, Prashant has done different kinds of role in many film, but whenever he has played negative role, critics have appreciated him. When he was asked that is he playing very scary role, on this he said, 'Fredrick' is an important film. My character is very brital, but there is something deep in this character.' He did not hesitate working with Rajesh Butalia who has become director for the first time. On this he says, 'there was a great energy on the set. One thing I love about the director is that he don't come to the set with the fixed perception. Prashant is happy with the music of the film, which is appreciated a lot. Sung by KK 'Waqt Gaya Tham' is his favourite. He says, ' I know this song is beautiful, this song is written by Director Rajesh and Sanjay Bose has composed it. I liked this song so much that it forced director to film this song with me.' He believes that working with new people is a good learning experience because new face work with confidence and in this film, new actors have done great acting. Fredrick is completely new and different. You will not be upset with Fredrick. Producer Manish Kalaria adn Director Rajesh film 'Fredrick' is releasing on 27 May.