Did Farah Khan Just Give Out Nasty Secrets Of Bollywood Awards Shows?

The Oscars finished with one of the greatest stuns in their history: Moonlight having been announced Best Picture simply after the makers of La Land acknowledged their statues for that prize. Moderators Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway biffed the introduction of the Oscar, with Beatty guaranteeing simply after group La Land expelled them from the phase that the envelope had been mis-loaded down with Emma Stone's name. The Oscars finished with a slam against Sunday night with the goof up of proclaiming a wrong name for the best picture classification. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were in front of an audience to report the honor for the best picture. At the point when Beatty opened the envelope in front of an audience, he appeared to either be confounded or that he couldn't precisely read what was composed. Dunaway wound up making the 'Fantasy world' declaration. Before sufficiently long it was understood that not 'Fantasy world' but rather "Moonlight" had won the honor. This has gotten responses from the Hollywood crew as well as from Bollywood. The very own Director of Bollywood Farah Khan was one of the numerous B-Town celebs who took to Twitter to discuss the blooper, yet she took it to the new level. She accepted the open door to attack the Indian honor appears. In doing as such, she uncovered some profound dull privileged insights. She first stated: “#Oscars saving the best moment for last! At least this doesn’t happen in our award shows... We just give to whoever is still there in the audience. https://twitter.com/TheFarahKhan/status/836089531090657280 She took this incident to highlight the on-goings of the Bollywood grant demonstrates that the greater part of it are not in view of benefits or the silver screen quality but rather are plainly fixed. She didn't stop there. She additionally tweeted: #Oscars So many standing ovations! In our award shows too people stand up a lot...2 moves 2 rows back as seats are added in front continuously. https://twitter.com/TheFarahKhan/status/836079776053878785