Fans wished Amitabh Bachchan on his 2nd Birthday

Abhitabh Bachchan was born on 11th October, then why his fans are wishing him today everywhere.? Reason behind this is very special. Actually, people are wishing him on his second birth, which happened after the shooting of Coolie. On 26th July, 1982, at the University of Bengaluru, during the shooting of Coolie, a scene was getting filmed of Amitbah and Puneet Issar. In thsi Amitabh was during stunts on his own. Amitbah had to fall on a table, as soon as Puneet punches him, but when he fell on it, the corner part of the table hit his back, then he was taken back to Mumbai as his condition was bad and was made admit at Breach Candy Hospital. Doctors did his surgery, but his condition was getting worst, and finally reached to the condition of death. But on 2 August, directly Adrenalin was injected in his heart, then his body was moved a bit. This was his second birth. During this people did lots of players as he get fine soon. Fans were standing outside the hospital. After getting recovered, Amitabh started the shooting and Coolie was a big hit. Fans on twitter are trending #Happy2ndBDayBigB. Amitbah said thanks to his fans for this. From each cornor, everyone is wishing him. Abhishek Bachchan shared a special message on his father's second Birthday. That it's not this father's birthday , it on 11th October, this Birthday is related to Coolie incident. amitabh-birthday Abhishek wrote on Instagram with this photo, 'I can't even remember how many times I would drape a bedsheet in the same way and re-enact this sequence from "Coolie". Would make my friends play the role of Zafar and shoot me with a plastic play gun and I would play the part of Iqbal. Yup, I learnt very early in my life that God made only one Amitabh Bachchan. Happy second birthday Pa. You are my inspiration.