Don’t need to prove my patriotism to anybody: Naseeruddin Shah

During the book launch of Former Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri, Naseeruddin Shah who was targeted by the people on twitter said,' someone does not need to prove their patriotism in from of anyone. In this case, Giving interview to India Today television he said,he is very said with the with way incident was reported. During the program, there were many intellectuals who said important things which were ignored but infront of everybody I was misrepresented. Naseeruddin Shah has told India Today, my name is Naseeruddin Shah and i believe that this was the reason he was being targeted. If it had been something else, perhaps what I said wouldn’t have made so much news,”. Shah told India Today TV. “The hate mongers are unfortunately having a field day and they are in a position that their voices can be heard. They are in a position to manipulate news. I do not need to justify anything. I do not need to prove my patriotism to anybody. According to the actor, he did not understand how anything said in praise of Pakistan can be anti-national. “I only received love and regards when I’ve been to Pakistan. As if that is an anti-national statement, I do not understand why anything said as a compliment to Pakistan must be construed as anti-Indian. “If I say that Imran Khan is a great cricketer, does that imply that Sunil Gavaskar is not?”