Don't need Censorship, soon changes will be done : Arun Jaitley

Now Information and Broadcast Minister has said on Shahid Kapoor's Udta Punjab that he is not satisfied with present system of Censor Board. Government will soon make a big change in it. His statement is believed important, Board has given A certificate to the film. Some references are to remove from 94 scenes. Arun Jaitley said in an program, 'Shyan Banegal has given a detailed report for change in censor board. Discussion is going on his report, we are going to make big change in Censor board, you will see such system, where only certificate will be given, no censorship, Norms of Certificate will be liberal. I am seeing big photo, Big photo is certificate board. We say it Censor Board. You have Tribunal for the appeal. If you have problem with the board, then you can appeal there. 99% cases gives the permission to release with less changes or no changes.' Censor Board Chief Pehlaj Nihlani said in starting for 89 cuts, after that Producer appealed in high court, now on this case tribunal will do hearing on 17th June.