Dolly Bindra blames Radhe maa for giving her death threats

Caught in a lot of controversies a new complaint has been came against Radhe maa. TV actress Dolly Bindra has registered complaint against Radhe Maa at the police station.She has filed complaint that she has been given death threats and she feels that Radhe maa is giving it. It has been known that Doll Bindra was once a devotee of Radhe maa. She is now blaming her for death threats. According to Dolly Bindra she has death threats from Radhe maa. In the written report given to police she has claimed that she has been given death threats from different different numbers and is even getting death threats on social media as well. Dolly Bindra cleared that she is getting death threats over phone. She claims it to be an activity by Radhe maa, S S Gupta and other people related to Radhe maa. The police will seek action. She even claims that she has audio recording of the threat calls. She said during investigation she will provide it to the police. Dolly has asked for security to her and her family. Few days back some photos of Radhe maa in mini skirt went viral and she then came in news. Radhe maa has been accused of dowry case, motivating for suicide attempt and other cases.