Do you know whom do Aamir Khan follows, you will be shocked knowing this

Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan believes in doing work in different style as compared to other actors. But if to believe bollywood actress Saira Banu then it is completely wrong. Saira Banu says that Aamir Khan largely tries to copy his husband and wonderful actor Dilip Kumar. Aamir is also seen doing meaningful films like Dilip kumar. She said, "Dilip Kumar at a time always did one film. He concentrate whole of his mind in that film, which use to get completed in 2-3 years. His movie "Paigaam' and 'Ganga Jamuna' are like that only. He always gave his time ot his career. Saira Banu further said, I don't know in today's times actors gives important to their carrer or not, but I think Aamir Khan follows Dilip Kumar. On the other hand, Shahrukh and Salman is also doing nice work." When Saira Banu was asked, is there any film or character he wished to do? On this Saira said, No, there is nothing like that, but I want to tell you something that after doing film 'Ram aur Shaam' he wished to retire."