Director Rajamouli spents 30 crores on the climax scene

For the next part of Bahubali, audience have to wait, you can not this that Bahubali is something out of the league. Bahubali 2 will rock the box office in 2017. In 10 weeks of shooting schedule, Bahubali 2 has completed it's more than half part. Now they are ready to shoot the climax of the film. If to believe the sources, climax will be shoot in 30 crores. But in coming weeks, climax team will will go got the shoot of action climax. Climax of the film is shoot in 15 crores. Producers have decided to make the more amazing and big, so thats why they have decided to invest more. All Bahubali stars are back from Holiday and have started preparing for climax scene, shooting of climax scene is going to start from 13th June. Main attraction of the film is Climax. Prabhas and Rana Daggubatti are working hard. Tamanna Bhatia is also learning house riding for the film.