Despite running behind Hollywood, keep you own Culture alive : Varun Dhawan

Actor Varun Dhawan says that Success in Bollywood industry doesn't means that to work in Hollywood and Hindi Film industry despite of running behind it, keep you culture alive. At the launch of the Filmfare cover featuring him, here on Monday, Varun said, 'I don't think that Hollywood is our key to success. This is wrong. We are Indian and We have our different culture and a different level, there are may things, that they do better than us, but there are many things, that we can do better than them.' Varun said, 'We have out different way. Technology-wise and VFX-wise, they are quite ahead, but I don't think that we should copy them, we should keep our Indian culture alive.' About Indian actors role in Hollywood, Varun said, 'I think, if in real here there are big stars then they have a responsibility to our fans, so we should do films where we could impact that film more. Priyanka and Deepika are big actors and face and they really our making us feel proud.' About the Oscar, Varun said, 'I'm not obsessed about the Oscars. I see this because, because they are shown nice and entertain us. Actually I don't like it when people say that Filmfare is the Indian Oscars; I don't think it is needed.' Varun said that Filmfare is not linked with Oscar. It is India's filmfare and it should be like this only.' Varun Dhawan last released film is Dishoom, it is going good at the box office. You may also know : Varun Dhawan Upcoming Movies Dishoom Trailer