Deepika Padukone increased her fees to 2 crore

These days doing the movie of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika Padukone has increased her fees. She recently increased her fees in regard to a private sector bank, that she was even given. Her stars are shining these days. According to sources, she has increased her fees. She has increased it by 2 crore. She is the brand ambassador of a leading bank. She was being selected for this last year. Deepika these days is enjoying her success. According to sources her contract has been increased to 18 months. He has offered 5 crore rupees for this. That was an increase of 3 crore. Deepika is the choice of every director at this time. She is even a face for many brands this time. In this regard her increase in the fees is correct. Although nothing has been conformed from Deepika in this regard. Deepika has renews her contract also. There is no link of this in regard to the recently released films of her.