Salman Khan will be seen with his ex gf Sangeeta Bijlani in a film

Bollywood Salman Khan recently was seen with his ex gf Sangeeta Bijlani outside Hinduja Hospital. They both came here to meet Arpita khan Sharma, who gave birth to Ahil on 30 March. But after this meeting, rumours of Salman and Sangeeta coming together again is on air. Don't think wrong. However, there ways are not different in real life, but there are working together in a film. Yes, for Hindi remake of Telugu film Kshanam, Sangeeta and Salman can be approached. Salman's many big films were remake of Telugu films. Which are Wanted, Reddy, Kick. Now Sajid Sadiawala has bought the remake right of recent hit film Kshanam, because Salman Khan was in Sajid's last film, so for this new film he is a strong competitor. Story of the film is about such boy, whose ex girl asked him for the help because her daughter is kidnapped, now when it is about Ex GF, so Sangeeta Bijlani can give amazing audition, although she is wanting to comeback on big screen.