Deepika Padukone chemistry with Ranbir kapoor or Ranveer Singh

Deepika Padukone two films are release in last two weeks, in which her hero are Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. One is Deepika's ex and another is current boyfriend. For the Cameras Whenever Deepika and Rabir comes infront of camera they magical is seen. This photo is saying this, but Ranveer always says that his and Deepika chemistry is more good. But in the picture, Ranbir and Deepika Chemistry is more bright. deepika ranbir ranveer Down on Kness Ranbir and Ranveer Singh are seen on their knees in fornt of Deepika Padukone in two different photos in a same comedy show. Chemistry is seen good with both of them. deepika ranbir ranveer Laugh out Loud Who said that ex cannot laugh and talk together. See Deepika and Ranbir. However Deepika is seen laughing with Ranbir Kapoor in several events, but her eyes are on other people. deepika ranbir ranveer Dance with me If the talk is on dance then, Ranbir and Ranveer both are talented. Deepika never faced any problem with both of them in dance. Ranbir moves were fan and easy whereas Ranveer moves are with full of energy. But she enjoyed more with Ranbir Kapoor. deepika-ranbir-ranveer-5_ Hug it out Most of the time Ranveer is seen hugging Deepika Padukone. In promotional events both are them are seen hugging eachother. Deepika is more concious with Ranveer because all camera are towards them.