Dalits draws on the story of the new movie - Haashiye Ke Log

With Indian Cinema promoting low budget films, Pawan Kumar Shrivastav’s “Haashiye Ke Log” is on the story of Dalits, who are being neglected for centuries.  The director adds that “this movie is about that part of the society that is been backward in terms of religion, caste, creed and other factors. Talking about Pawan’s previous works, he has directed and produced films that have been appreciated by the critics and even bagged several awards. The young director says that “He wants to break the trend of Bollywood movies being produced in Mumbai. He adds “most of the Bollywood movies do not depict the story of India”. According to Pawan Shrivastav his stories are not those which are written on pen and paper, rather it depicts the real life instances of the people of India and the Indian society. His films delivers social message to the people and media as well.