Dalits Draws On The Story Of The New Movie 'Haashiye Ke Log'.

Indian cinema has plenty affected low-budget films. With a similar film coming young filmmaker Pawan Kumar Srivastava. Name-the 'Haashiye Ke Log' . It is the story of Dalits are neglected for centuries. Wind said that the film will be about that part of the society in which religion, in order to, economic conditions, and even the cinema is on the sidelines. Before this Pawan made 'Naya Pta' film, which was liked by critics and the film also won some awards. Pawan says that he want to break the trend of Hindi films made in Mumbai. He says, "Why films be in Hindi Hindi in Mumbai, if is so much variety in the Hindi-speaking belt. Mumbaiya cinema is not Indian cinema and its many stories says no to India . Pawan in the Filmmeking responses of activism. He said, the stories of those who have appeared in the film they were not born by paper-pen, but live-awake man. Film as well as their problems were exposed by the media and the administration.