'Daddy' Box Office Collection Day Wise Budget Hit or Flop

'Daddy' Box Office Collection - It was a busy day at the Box Office this Friday with quite a number of releases. But out of the lot, only two movies were notable ‘Daddy’ and ‘PosterBoys’. Both the movies were slightly bigger in the budget in comparison to the other releases and apart from it, they had a good star power. The movie ‘Daddy’ was made in a budget of approx. Rs. 13 Crores and got 1000 screens across the country. The movie managed to earn Rs. 1.30 Crore at the Box Office Collection window on its opening day.  And the movie might earn a little more over the weekend as crime dramas are much-liked genre amongst the audience. From the trailer, s the Arjun Rampal’s movie ‘Daddy’ appeared quite intense and hard hitting movie. The movie opened yesterday at the theatres and got mixed reviews from the audience.  The movie had a story that had good potential but somewhere probably the writer got confused while deciding on whether to project Arun Gawil in the movie as a good family man or a ruthless gangster and that is where the movie’s script fell apart. Otherwise, in terms of acting, Arjun has proven that he is really a brilliant actor. He got the grip of the character very good and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of his best performances. We get you the Budget, Box Office Collection till date and Verdict (Hit or Flop) of the movie in a detailed report below.

Day wise breakup and worldwide Box Office Collection Report

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
Day 1, Friday – 8 Sep 1.30 Cr
Day 2, Saturday – 9 Sep 1.50 Cr
Day 3, Sunday – 10 Sep 1.80 Cr
Day 4, Monday – 11 Sep 0.75 Cr
Day 5, Tuesday – 12 Sep 0.60 Cr
Day 6, Wednesday – 13 Sep 0.60 Cr
Day 7, Thursday – 14 Sep 0.50 Cr
Day 8, Friday – 15 Sep  to Day 10, Sunday – 17 Sep 0.80 Cr
Day 11, Monday – 18 Sep  to Day 14, Thursday – 21 Sep 0.25 Cr
Day 15, Friday – 15 Sep  to Day 21, Thursday – 28 Sep 0.05 Cr
Total first Week Collection 7.00 Cr
Total Domestic Collection (Nett) 8.10 Cr
Total Domestic Collection (Gross) 11.25 Cr
Total Overseas Collection (Gross) 0.34 Cr
Total Worldwide Collection (Gross) 11.59 Cr
Hit or Flop / Verdict -
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