Controversy queen Rakhi Sawant to fight against Mayawati in UP elections

Bollywood's controversy queen Rakhi Sawant will fight against BSP supremo Mayawati in the upcoming UP assembly elections in next year. BJP government minister and RPI Adavale group's president Ramdas Adavale has said that in UP elections from where Mayawati will fight on the same seat Rakhi Sawant also fights against her. If Mayawati will not fight then Rakhi Sawant will do bad publicity for BSP in whole UP. Rakhi Sawant says I am not a pornstar Let me tell you that Rakhi Sawant is president of the female branch of RPI Adavale group and she herself has shown interest in the fight against her in UP elections. Rakhi Sawant who has made a storm in Bollywood and Television industry had made her political party for Mumbai elections in 2014 and she even fought for the North-West Mumbai seat but it is a different thing that she lost her deposit. Ramdas Adavale who has a strong pick in schedule cast votes now wants to enter in UP elections. Rakhi Sawant will make headlines daily and it will cut the votes of Mayawati. This is being said that if Rakhi will come to UP than many other Bollywood celebrities will also come into UP. So in all of this UP people will also get entertain by the Bollywood celebrities in the election time. Rakhi Sawant is promoting PM Modi This is to notice that Rakhi Sawant is always been a controversy for supporting PM Modi in a different style. Recently when on 15 August she wore a dress in which there were many stickers of PM Modi then she became part of discussions. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List