Companies eager to get the music rights of Salman Khan's movie

On Diwali Sooraj Barjatya directed home movie is about to release. To get the music rights of the movie many companies are in the list. T-Series and Zee Music is connecting their relationship to get it. Many big companies are seeking to get the rights of Salman Khan's movie. The company of Sooraj, Rajshree Production is consider their first right on it. There has been more than 10 years of relationship with G K Barjatya and he only has the rights of all the movies. On the other hand Fox Star Studio has the worldwide screening rights of the movie. Also T-Series is looking for the rights. Sources say that Bhushan Kumar claims that their company from past 20 years has all the music rights of Salman's movies. The important thing is that, the rights of Shahrukh Khan and Rohit Shetty's movie is also been given. This right is with Sony Music. So Bhushan wants the rights of Salman's movie. Also the combination of Sooraj and Salman is already been considered a hit. Bhushan has even visited Karzat to meet Salman. The trailer of the movie will be released on 2nd October and then only the rights will be decided. Let us tell you that Sooraj is considering Salman in all the big decisions. He has even linked the trailer of the movie with the release of Akshay Kumar upcoming movies seeking friendship. More than Akshay he is friends with the director and producer of his movie.