Baba Ramdev met Sanjay Dutt in Yervada Jail

Baba Ramdev went to Pune Yerwada Jail to teach yoga to the prisoners. Sanjay Dutt was also there. After Yoga Session, he spoke to him for sometimes in alone. Sanjay May get released on 25 February, he is serving his sentence because of his hand in Mumbai Bomb Blast. What did Sanjay Dutt said to the Baba : -According to News agency IANS, Ramdev was in his usual attire, he taught prisoners  yoga positions. -Sanjay was also sitting in front of the stage. He had worn Prison Uniform. -Both met each other after the yoga session. Sanjay said to the Baba, that pray from him to get released soon. They have met before also : -Ramdev and Sanjay know each other. -Last year they both were seen together in Ganesh Mohotsav. Sanjay was on parole for 1 month. -There is a news that a film is going to be made on Ramdev. His fight against corruption will be shown in this.