Chinkara Case : Court gave relief to Salman Khan

Rajasthan High Court giving relief to Salman Khan and said that pellets recovered from his hotel room did not match with those recovered from the vehicle allegedly used by him in poaching of Chinkara. The pellets and the knife, which are the exhibits in a case of poaching in Kankani on October 1-2, 1998, were produced in the high court here for observation. Justice Nirmal Jeet Kaur had a close look at the objects during the hearing of a revision petition filed by Salman Khan against a sentence of five years in the poaching case of a Chinkara on September 28-29, 1998 in Mathania. Court said that pellets found from the hotel rooms of Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan were not only different but it's quality was also bad. Same goes for the knife, which was used by Salman khan for slitting the throat and peeling off the skin of the poached Chinkara, the court saw that it was like a pocket knife. Judge said that she wanted to see the knife if it was big for killing the animal. Defence counsel Mahesh Bora said that all the pellets was of Air Gun and would not be fatal for any animal. Defence councel completed it's arugument today. Court pointed many mistakes and loopholes in Police Investigation. The prosecution will now start arguments from May 10..