Check out how fake shooting become realistic

During the shooting of films is much falseness, an example was seen on the streets of Kolkata's past. amit ji Then join the crowds on the streets of Kolkata yesterday began when suddenly sitting there Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Bachchan was seen driving the scooter. bachchan and nawaj After some time, people found out that it was a film shooting. Amitabh, Nawazuddin run to sit down and look scooter. It would be a long shot in the film. But the shooting distance just been to bring a scooter with Amitabh. Which were made all the long shots. But also close to the scooter run Amitabh will be seen in the shot. You will see the facts. amit ji in scooter Scooter for him to run a fake system was shot. In the picture you can clearly see how they run scooter. This means that the actor sitting on the scooter and the scooter will run the show. But the fact he will not be sitting on a scooter. But managed to handle a scooter will be sitting in the trolley. He would have made a scene that Amitabh scooter run long enough and long distance. The act of sitting on trolley with them also appear Nawazuddin scooter. Yes, this is a scene of a film 'T3N' starer Amitabh and Nawazuddin. Shooting is currently underway on the streets of Kolkata. It came to light that a part of Amitabh's ages. During the shooting, where he is so tired that do not care whether he is asleep. Spot shooting them sleep in the same fake scooter trolley has also been observed.