Censor Board Chief Pehlaj Nihalani insulted Manoj Bajpai

Censor Board Chief Pehlaj Nihlani has again jumped in a controversy. Now he has used objectionable word for Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai, on which controversy has been created. Director Hansal Mehta said, Pehlaj has not only insulted National Award Winner Manoj Bajpai, but also Indian artist. However, Manoj Bajpai is not in mood to create any issue. Manoj Bajpai is busy promoting his film Budhia Singh : Born to Run. He don’t think that much attention should be given to Censor Board chief Pehlaj Nihalani.
This controversy was started when Manoj was asked about using to much scissors by Censor Board on the films. On this Manoj said that Central Board of Film Certification has always been doing discrimination. There is nothing new in it. From the time is Board is made, since then it’s behaviour is like this only. Fights between Censor Board and Filmmaker has always been done. However, Censor Board is to give certificates not to ban the films. Then on Manoj’s comment, Pehlaj was asked his views, then he busted. He used words like ‘Tired Army’ for Manoj Bajpai. Now only this, Pehlaj said Manoj as such an actor who is waiting for a kickstart in his career. Manoj did not gave any importance to Pahlaj statement, but Hansal Mehta has expressed his anger. He said, ‘I’m very upset listening the interview of Pehlaj Nihlani. We he said about Manoj Bajpai is disappointing. Manoj is my friend, with this he is an amazing actor. There are many film, in which he got successful because of him. Manoj Bajpai is country’s heritage. So by using such words on him, is like insulting Indian artist.’ You May Also Know : Manoj Bajpai Upcoming Movies Budhia Singh : Born to Run Trailer