Cabaret is not based on the life of Helen-Richa Chadha

With her performance in Neeraj Ghaywan's "Masaan", actress Richa Chadha has gained appreciation on the international level and is now busy shooting for Pooja Bhatt's next film "Cabaret". Soon after the official information about the film it has been in news for a quite sometime. Richa would be seen in the role of a Cabaret dancer in the movie and she is excited about her role in the movie. She said that she is excited to opt for such different roles so that she can work well everytime. She added that I dont want to stick to the same kinds of role. She wants to stay versatile. She even added that I know that I am a good and an off-beat actress and I can live with it and I do not want to live with the tag that I am good in a particular type of role. There were rumors that Richa's next film "Cabaret" is based on the life of Helen, but Richa has neglected all these rumors. She said that this movie is not on the life of Helen and all this started when people saw me reading the book of Helen. I am generally reading the book but the people though that I am reading it because "Cabaret is based on the life of Helen. Richa is taking dance classes for her role in this movie. She said that the shooting is going on and she will start shooting for her role in the movie from next month. We have around 2 months in hand and we are working on the songs in the movie. The film is shooting quite well. After this film, Richa would be seen in Sudhir Mishra's film and Devdas.