'Buddha In A Traffic Jam' passed without any Censor Board scissors

Director Vivek Agnihotri of 'Buddha In a Traffic Jam', one of the most controversial movie, said that Censor Board has passed this film without any cut. Agnihotri told during trailer launch, 'After seeing the movie by only one member of Censor Board, he said to me while talking, this film should hae 150-170 cut, but if we give cut to your movie, then nothing will be left and I think it is very important for the people to see this movie, so will pass this without any cut.' Censor Board Members later told Agnihorti that there are many laws according to which you can not show burning flag and using absurd works with Bharat Mata and 26 January. Agnihorti was ready to remove these scenes, but later it was passed without any cuts. In Buddha In A Traffic Jam is inspired by Directors own life, this is based on Corruption and Naxalites. Film is releasing on 13th May.