Bua aka Upasana Singh is back on 'The Kapil Sharma Show

Actress Upasana Singh who threatened to drag Comedy Nights Kapil to Court, soon she will be seen in Kapil's gang. Yes, Bua of Comedy Nights Kapil, is not going to to come back in Sony Channel show 'The Kapil Sharma Show'. Creative director Preeti simoes of The Kapil Sharma Show informed this via twitter. In this tweet, she wrote, 'See who is back, Upasana ji and Nasim Ji. The Kapil Sharma Show Masti this week with be double. It is clear from Preeti tweet, that Upasana Singh along with Comedian Naseem is going to join Kapil's gang. Upasana told that she was not satisfied working in Comedy Nights Live and there was even problem in the contract of the show. So she decided to leave the show. Upasana said, 'First of all,I was not happy working in this show. I have never worked in such ugly show. Many times it has happened that, she don't used to believe that is it a comedy show script because it used to be so bad. Second, what all commitments were done with me they were also not fulfilled.' I think, they only have one motive to take me in their show that which helped kapil Sharma's show to get TRP. Reality is they used me for their benefits, now this show is getting good TRP, then I'm treated as useless. Lines that are given to me they don't even have comedy or any punch. I many times talked to the director of Comedy Nights live. Then he alsways used to says, 'Show is just started. things will be fine soon.' Upasana also alleged that she is only given two episodes payment. You May Also Know : Sidhu can leave The Kapil Sharma Show Sumona caught smoking