'Brothers' Movie Review - Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra

After got official rights to gain of Hollywood blockbuster movie 'Warrior' when Johar began working on this project on the shoulders of his favorite director Karan Malhotra, the Dream Project 'Brothers' cast responsibility. Karan Malhotra such that they But why are affected till Interval introduced in the Hollywood style. Karan Johar camp before the Big B's blockbuster 'Agneepath' has shown their mettle by making renewed Karan Malhotra break-fold over the last story instead of presenting him to treat mind was probably already made . The first part of the film is dull in many places, such as the action star Akshay Kumar also Karan's film entry could not effectively present. However, Sidharth Malhotra image different from his previous attempt, he must have something to offer. This time Karan Street Fight different style mixed martial arts is as shown, but many of the scenes in the film, the fight probably withstand the test of class family could not get off. Story: Gary Fernandes (Jackie Shroff) is big drinker. He fashioned the past Msuhr street-fighter, too, his wife Maria (Shefali Shah), the crime of murder has had to spend a long time in prison. Gary has returned to prison after the sentence. His youngest son out of jail Monty (Sidharth Malhotra) waiting in the wings stands. With Gary Monty returns to his apartment, but her old haunt her are scarred. Gary's eldest son David (Akshay Kumar) hates his father and younger brother Monty immensely. As a child, the father of David Street Fighting has learned, but now his beautiful wife Jeannie (Jacqueline Fernandez) and daughter Maria has been settled with the world. David's daughter and her treatment for severe disease of the liver must bucks. David is a school teacher, but to make more money often takes part in Street Fight. On the other hand, Gary is still the burden of their mistakes is often in tension. Meanwhile, Right to Fight "contest is announced. Street Fighting Mixed Martial Arts Contest of the world's biggest fight, the situation has become such that the two brothers have hit each other in the contest. Acting: long on the screen appeared a strong character Jackie Shroff, their role has brought his impressive acting. Shefali Shah has made its mark in the role of Maria. Sidharth, Akshay and elsewhere do not disappoint. After the interval in some scenes overshadowed by the role of Sidharth, Akshay has shown. Jacqueline who had to be done well, life is cast Kareena in the item number. Ashutosh Rana are also vital. Direction: Karan worked on the plot of the story, but the film kept in large part because of the dark shed is beyond comprehension. Akrta flashback scene is also frequently used. Interval before the pace of the story is dull. Music: Kareena Kapoor Khan filmed item number already in the top five running on many music charts. Why Watch: If the Renewable and Sidharth  staunch fan, street fighting, with a unique way to see the emotional story, the Brothers have come from. Unnecessary throw some punches, comedy spoof, fond of bold scenes in the film may be disappointed.