Box Office: 'Shaandaar' earning in three Days

'Shaandaar' movie was released in 3500 screens around the globe and in India 3000 screens. Movie is based on wedding destination occupies 65% of screens in multiplex and on rest of the screen. The movie was made in Rs 55 crores and makers spent 20 crores and the total budget was grossed up to 75 crores. 'Shaandaar' earning was down to 7.55 crores on Friday and on Thursday it's earning was 13.10 crores. As we all know that Friday was a partial holiday in India which was the biggest reason why it got dropped. But the collection was not that bad. Third day collection of 'Shaandaar' faced a little hike in its earning to 9-10 crores. 'Shaandaar' total box office collection is Rs 30.65 crores and before it was expected that in three days it will end up with a total of Rs 40 crores (Approx). Shaandaar boxoffice collection: Thusday : Rs 13.10 crores Friday : Rs 7.55 crores Saturday : 6.75 crores

Shaandaar Box Office Collection Day By Day