Box Office : Fan 3rd Day (Sunday) Collection Sharukh khan

This week release sharukh khan’s movie “fan” first day collection at box office is the record. And has become the highest grossing film on the first day of the year 2016. Fan has earn 19.20 crore on the first day of release and on Saturday it was 15.40 and Sunday 3rd day box office collection 17.75 Cr . ”fan was doing such a great business”. it earn total 52.35 crores. If talk about budget, which is 105 crore. But how long this will continue, is  about to see. It was expected that on Sunday it will earn much more. It is obvious that the film remains under the banner of yash raj films. “fan”   is the story of a man named Gaurav   who want to meet his favourite star Aryan. But suddenly something happens that makes him hate with his superstar and then he tries to finish his stardom. it is interesting that shahrukh khan plays both the roles i.e. star and fan