Bollywood Movies that inspired the real criminals

In the kidaping case of Snapdeal Software Engineer Dipti Sarna police has dubbed the accused as 'Psycho'. In this case on interesting thing came in front that the accused saw Shahrukh khan and Juhi Chawla starrer 'Dar' then planned to kidnap Dipti. This is not the first time, that anyone is inspired from Bollywood movies to commit a crime. Before also many cases like this has come live. 1st case : Case is of 30 December 2007, some people in Kerala robbed Chelembra Bank and took 8 crores gold and robbed the cash. Afterwards the leader of the gang accepted that he was inspired from the film Dhoom. 2nd Case: After the release of Special 26, there were many cases in the same style that was shown in Special 26 in different cities of the country. On june 2015, Mumbai police arrested 8 people, who became fraud CBI and robbed Cloth Businessman Jayant Bhai Sarveya for 1.75 crores.  'स्पेशल 26' के एक सीन में अक्षय कुमार, अनुपम खेर और दिव्या दत्ता, साथ में अन्य एक्टर्स 3rd case : Many thieves were inspired from the film Bunti Aur Babli. Last year in Bangalore, police arrested Kishore Kumar and Kavita, this couple use to rob people in the same style, they were arrested when Kishore went to a jewellery shop as fake Sub Inspector to give a gift to her GF kavita and tried to rob 16gm Neckless.  'बंटी और बबली' के पोस्टर में अभिषेक बच्चन और रानी मुखर्जी